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Russ Meszaros: President
Email: russ@dollarstore.ca

Dean Lambert: COO
Email: dean@dollarstore.ca

Jeff Simla: Director of Marketing
Email: jeff@dollarstore.ca

Ray Parro: Director of Franchise Support
Email: ray@dollarstore.ca

Michele Parro: Director of Retail Development
Email: michele@dollarstore.ca

Colin Yong: Controller
Email: colin@dollarstore.ca

Maria Chiaverini: Administrative Assistant
Email: admin@dollarstore.ca

Irene La: Accounting
Email: irene@dollarstore.ca

Deja Meszaros: Accounts Payable
Email: deja@dollarstore.ca or ap@dollarstore.ca

Craig Harris: IT and POS Manager
Email: craig@dollarstore.ca

Sandy Lambert: Retail Specialist (AB / BC/ SK)
Email: sandy@dollarstore.ca

Keith Law: Retail Specialist (BC)
Email: keithl@dollarstore.ca

John Josay: Retail Specialist (BC)
Email: john@dollarstore.ca