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Supplier Testimonials

As a major importer and distributor of consumer products in Canada, we have the privilege to be serving the chain of Your Dollar Store with More since their inception. While witnessing a tremendous growth in the chain, we are most impressed by their insight in selecting products for the discount retail market, as well as their emphasis on developing the franchisee operations through strong management support, advertising programs and trade shows.

Grant Pittam
Canasia Toys & Gifts Inc.

P.K. Douglass Inc. has been associated with Your Dollar Store with More since its inception. We have had continued sales growth every year with the chain, and count their stores among our most valuable clients. The Head Office is always open to new product lines and to their introduction at store level. The Flyer program has also been a good example of Head Office participation in growing sales for the stores. Participation in the buying shows has remained strong over the years, as has the enthusiasm among the stores to support the supply chain. We know we can count on continued growth and support from this very strong Franchise store chain.

Ian Torrance
Vice President
P.K. Douglass Inc.

We at Unique Party Favors have been dealing with YDSWM since day one. They contacted us over 9 years ago and shared with us their vision and plan to become leaders in their field. Today, we can state with confidence that ‘the plan’ worked! YDSWM continues to be a strong leader in the retail discount market and we as a Preferred Party Vendor are extremely proud to be associated with this chain and their ongoing efforts to grow and offer the best party program to their customers. Consumers can shop YDSWM party sections with the utmost confidence of not having to ‘second guess’ or compare the retail price points on the category. YDSWM has become a major party destination store in all of the neighborhoods where they are located. They have made parties fun for all and this continues to be a win/win relationship!

Susan Savedra -Young
Unique Party Favors

We have been fortunate enough to be a supplier to Your Dollar Store with More franchisees since their beginning. We have watched this chain grow to become a major force in the dollar and discount store industry. Our experience with YDSWM has been only positive: Fast, but controlled growth, intelligent franchisees, strong head office support and training, all resulting in a payment record unmatched in the industry (a true indicator of a top-notch operation). They are a pleasure to deal with at every level: store personnel, franchisees, head office support staff, and corporate executives. This is a strong organization from top to bottom, a model that other industry members should strive to duplicate.

Kenny Moyse
Vice President
Symak Sales Co Inc.

We at Coca-Cola have enjoyed a great partnership with “Your Dollar Store with More” for many years and look forward to continuing our relationship for many more years into the future.

In our opinion, the “Your Dollar Store with More” organization has demonstrated all the characteristics one would expect to be a successful franchise business operator through the spirit of relationships, competitiveness and sustainability. These traits encompass all areas and partners including; the community, franchisees, suppliers, and the consumer.

As a supplier and partner, we believe “Your Dollar Store with More” understands the key to a winning destination is reached through a balanced approach consisting of price, service, brands and mutual objectives. Together, we have been able to achieve significant success and growth through our joint planning initiatives which include; selecting the right product and package mix, implementing a competitive wholesale and retail pricing strategy and driving awareness to the category and stores with relevant consumer promotions.

We look forward in continuing to build on our mutual success and appreciate the opportunity to be partners of the entire “Your Dollar Store with More” organization and its family of franchisees.

Joe Bruzzone
National Account Executive
Coca-Cola Bottling Company