Can anyone own a Your Dollar Store with More franchise?
If you work hard, have a passion for retail, and communicate well with head office you can potentially have a very successful franchise.
How much will I need to invest?
The size of your store location and the leasehold improvements required are the two main factors that will determine the level of your investment.
How much is the franchise fee?
$20,000 plus G.S.T.
How much are royalties each month?

Royalties are 4 percent of gross sales (not including taxes) due and payable monthly.

What is the Local Marketing Plan?

The Local Marketing Plan or LMP was established to assist franchisees in marketing their store. The purpose of the LMP is to build name recognition, increase store traffic and generate additional sales. We are one of the only dollar store franchises that operate a Local Marketing Plan for their franchisees. Our current LMP fee of 0.5% ensures your store will always have a marketing budget to work with.

How long is the term of the franchise agreement?
The franchise term is 10 years, with an option to renew for another 10 year term at a $2,000 renewal fee.
Can I own more then one store?
Yes, in fact many of our franchisees own and operate more than one Your Dollar Store with More franchise.
Where do I purchase my inventory?

Your Dollar Store with More will assist in ordering your opening inventory from our preferred and listed suppliers who have a well established track record. After opening you will continue to order from these consistent and reliable suppliers.

Will I receive assistance in finding a location and negotiating a lease?
Your Dollar Store with More will assist in choosing a location. Once a location is found, we will assist you with the negotiation of your lease.
Will I have opening support?
A Retail Specialist will be on site at the end of construction to help you receive and set up merchandise. They remain on site until the store is open.
Will I receive a protected territory?
Yes, you have the right to operate the only Your Dollar Store with More in any shopping mall, plaza or downtown location in an area that is protected around your store.
What is the next step to owning a Your Dollar Store with More franchise?

Please submit a Pre-Application form by clicking here

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